What license types there are?
User + 1 or 2 years support
Company + 1 or 2 years support
Products + 1 or 2 years support
How many licenses do I need?
Application is licensed on per-developer basis.
You have to obtain a valid license for each human who uses application.
Is your product royalty free?
Yes, it is.
Can I receive free updates for the product I purchased?
Purchasing any product entitles you to 12 months of free maintenance of that product since the moment of purchase. The maintenance includes all major and minor updates released for that product during the year and the standard technical support.
2 years support provides updates and access to priority support for 24 months.
Can I use my application when the support expires?
Yes, you can.
Support refers only to updates and support.
Which limitations exist in the freeware version of the application?
Freeware license is valid for all users (royalty free) and can be use only with products created by companies defined on the list in the LSACreator (dialog “About Program”).