LSACreator 2.5

Why do translations with LSACreator?

LSACreator is the simple but powerful .NET localization tool and the fastest solution for localizing .NET applications and ASP.NET websites without need to use Visual Studio.

The solution is based on localized satellite assemblies which is the best practice to make a professional .NET multi-language application. Thanks to this approach we can add a new language to any .NET program or website having only its binaries (.dll/.exe). That completely separates Visual Studio project and source code from language project. What is more it even allows end-user to translate the application.

For more details, please refer to the LSACreator documentation.

Localized Satellite Assemblies Creator

Main features

  • Requires only compiled program (.dll/.exe files).
  • You do NOT have to manage ResX files in Visual Studio.
  • Supports localization of assemblies written in any .NET language like C#, VB, C++/CLI, …
  • Allows to create translation even by end-user without any knowledge about program structure.

Easy localization

  • Dialog preview for Windows.Forms.
  • Control software localization progress with clear statistics.
  • XLSX (Excel) import/export
  • Spell checking
  • XML import/export
  • Provides efortless team work with revision control systems.
  • Uses single project to translates your application to any number of languages.
  • Assembly post-build scripts.

Automatic translations

  • Integrated with Google Translate.
  • Uses Dictionary Translation.
  • Checks and reduces translations costs by using smart query optimalization.
  • Exports translations and builds your own dictionary to reuse it to other projects.

Powerful grid editing

  • Multilevel Undo/Redo.
  • Offers simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Displays all or selected language in one grid view with one column per language.
  • The grid offers sorting and filtering functionality on every column.

Quality and Translation status

  • Uses two separate states for each phrase and translation.
  • The Translation State indicates whether a phrase still needs to be translated.
  • The Quality State tracks the quality of a translation.
  • Uses comments to add user informations to translation.

Easy localization

Using of LSACreator saves your time getting new localization ready to roll. Thanks to separation source code from language project you don’t need to have any knowledge about program structure. Moreover, file-based project structure provides clean team work with revision control systems.

Integrated with Google Translate

Does your application contain a lot of phrases? Speed up translation process by using integration with multilingual machine-translation service provided by Google. Furthermore, LSACreator checks and help you reduce translation costs by using smart query optimalization.

Use Dictionary Translation

Save your time and money by exporting translations. Dictionary Translation means that you would never translate the same phrase twice because you can reuse translations from other localization projects. Dictionary Translation is able to import/export .txt file for easy exchange of information with other applications.

Powerful grid editing

LSACreator introduces simple and intuitive user interface. Not only are you able to display languages, you can use editing and filtering functionality on the grid.

Quality and Translation status

Make your translations more clear. Use states for each phrase and translation. The combination of the two statuses allows the management of the localization process and quality over various product releases, with external translators and using Automatic Translation.

Dialog preview for Windows.Forms projects.

Now it’s more than only phrases. LSACreator lets you see dialogs and forms during software translation.

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